Happy Holiday Greetings!

Happy holiday greetings to you from the owners at Tickled Ink Crafters!  We launched our business on October 1 and have gone through some challenging but exciting growing pains during the last eight weeks.  We’re building our Etsy store and learning to work with one another as business owners as well as friends.

My name is Margie and, as one of the owners, here’s what I’ve learned so far about this journey:  to climb a hill, you start with a first step instead of a leap. I think lofty thoughts as my imagination carries me to places that my calendar doesn’t allow me to go.  In addition to my work with Tickled Ink Crafters, I am also a piano/guitar teacher to 26 students each week, author working on a sequel to my first novel (Stranglehold by Margie Lee Schlinker – available on Amazon and Kindle), active in my church, cat mommy, and – a social butterfly.  I’m always up for a good time!  In the company of my impressive and talented co-owners, I have tried to beef up my act and have actually purchased a time management planner! So now I’m learning to reign it in, call a spade a spade, and concentrate on what I do best – greeting cards and verses.  I wrote my very first poem in the sixth grade:  “My dog was black, and white, and brown.  He ate.  He slept.  He romped around.  But on a cold and snowy day, my little buddy passed away.”  I had a dark side back then.  My card verses now are more upbeat…and I can customize them for our customers.

I promise to keep in touch more frequently.  If there’s one thing I can do, it’s write.  The next blog will feature one of our other owners…our boss, Reenie.  She’s quite a gal and you will enjoy hearing her story.  We’ll start the year on a high note.  As you do your holiday shopping, check us out at our Etsy store.  There’s a link on our website home page.  Merry Christmas!

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