Welcome To Our Shop!

Greetings from the owners at Tickled Ink Crafters!  To say that we are excited to launch a new enterprise is an understatement.  We’re overwhelmed!  All it took was one casual comment during a weekday card-making “party,” when someone (you’ll find out her identity in a later blog) said, “We should create a business.”  And low and behold…here it is!
            As we launch this great company of ours, I think it’s a little like having a baby:  It sounded like a great idea at the beginning.  Then there were some hurdles to overcome and the unavoidable labor pains to follow.  I hear there is a shot for those pains now.  Good news.  As we worked to create the business, when the pains came, our shots were in glasses!  Just like in the labor room, we kept reminding ourselves to relax and breathe and give it one more big push.  And…just like all new moms… we think the end result is awesome.
            We have a great story to tell you here, but we’ll give it to you in brief increments.  We know you are busy.
            If you love hand-crafted cards and gifts, do yourself (and us!) a favor and check us out at our Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/TickledInkCrafters.   By the way, my name is Margie.  I’m one of the owners.

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