January 2018 Update!

Happy New Year from your friends at Tickled Ink Crafters (TIC)!  The Christmas decorations are safely back in storage, my Christmas stamp sets are ready to be refiled, and, as new business owners, my TIC buddies and I (Margie) are looking ahead to the next important date on the calendar – Valentine’s Day.  Be sure to check out our cards and gifts on our Etsy site. There’s a link on our website homepage.

Last month I told you that this time I would introduce you to our boss, Reenie.  It’s appropriate to talk about her when everyone is focusing on Valentine’s Day, because we all love this very special lady.  A long, long time ago, in a work world far, far away, Reenie and I were employed by the same company and met at the copy machine.  She was in Human Resources and I was in Communications. We became instant friends, and, I am happy to say our friendship is growing and maturing every day.  (Actually, she is the mature one, although she is more than a decade younger.)  Reenie is a wife, a mother of two sons, a grandmother of four — one boy and three girls, the youngest of five sisters, a volunteer at a couple of organizations that raise money to help people, and the very capable leader of Tickled Ink Crafters.  A couple of years ago she asked me if I would show her how to make hand-crafted greeting cards.  She took off like a house afire and now attempts difficult projects I am too chicken to try.  And they always turn out great—the second or third time…

Reenie has a kind heart, a lot of patience, a great sense of humor, a quick mind and a lot talent…and the best business partners anyone could ask for (her add!) — all attributes that make her a great friend and leader of the pack. We love her for all these things and so much more.

So…as we enter this season of love…all of us at TIC wish all of you the same good fortune we have…loving our work and loving our co-workers. Candy, flowers, jewelry aside, we think we have one of the best gifts life can give…we love our work and co-workers (no—not the Hollywood kind of love of co-workers!)…and we wish the same for you.  And don’t forget to surprise that special someone with a card and gift.  Please check us out when you’re ready to shop!

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