June Owner Spotlight: Meet Mary!

First of all, I apologize for the long lapse in time between postings.  Tickled Ink Crafters (TIC) decided to expand our foot print and participate in some craft fairs.  We did two craft fairs this spring and creating inventory and designing our booth took a lot out of all of us.  One show was a huge success; the other one, not so much. But we learned a lot about each other and our business during the process.

Our owner spotlight this month – Mary — is the major reason our first show was so successful.  Mary is our sales and marketing expert, beginning her career demonstrating Hula Hoops in her father’s Woolworth’s store at the tender age of five.  She made fifty cents (in pennies) every Saturday. Her adult retail experience includes lots of counter work and store management.

Mary’s family moved around a lot while she was growing up.  She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and lived in Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana and then back to her roots in St. Louis.  It was during this second time in St. Louis that she met her future husband, Ted, while he was helping her dad build a retaining wall in the family’s backyard.  Ted and Mary married and have one son, Christopher. Sadly, Ted was called to Heaven almost two years ago.

Besides crafting, Mary is very active in her church, serving on the executive board, as president of the Ladies’ Guild and as a member of the vision committee.  Her favorite pastime activities include creating hand-crafted greeting cards and other products with her TIC friends, and scrapbooking with her friends from church.

Maybe her love of crafting came from her grandmother, who taught her a new crafting skill every time Mary paid her a visit.  All of us at TIC are thankful that her diligent grandmother gave Mary this special direction in her life. We are reaping the benefits and you can too!  Just follow the link and visit our Etsy shop to find some of Mary’s amazing creations.


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