Meet Judy!

Once again, it’s Margie here, hoping that all of you enjoyed a happy Valentine’s Day and that you’re now turning your thoughts to springtime…warm weather, flowers…and Easter!  But before we get to those treasured days, there’s another day we want to honor…St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s appropriate that our owner spotlight this month is on Judy, our finance gal, because she likes a good beer now and then…green or otherwise.  In fact, a long time ago (we’ve known each other since college), Judy sent me a letter from Colorado in an empty Coors beer can. Turns out that on her vacation she and a friend met up with a forest ranger who invited them to his well-stocked cabin for a drink by the fire.

Judy is a retired teacher and librarian and still does some sub work to keep in touch with the little people…not Leprechauns…students! As a single gal, Judy has spent her life caring for kids of all ages. She is involved with a number of organizations at her church that support the needs of others. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who has a bigger, kinder, more generous heart than this gal. Judy has been a crafter for a long time and does some pretty incredible work with card-making and painting.  The Christmas bows on her packages are legendary. When she is not teaching or crafting, Judy can be found roasting marshmallows by a campfire, taking long rides in the country, relaxing in Branson, Missouri, or curled up on her couch with her canine buddy, Optimist.

I’ll sign off for now hoping that all of you are enjoying a happy and healthy 2018 and that you are making fun-filled plans for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  If you’re sending cards or gifts, don’t forget us! Visit our Etsy site.

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